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Moon Tide 20% Off Sale!!!

To show our immense gratitude AND to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping, Moon Tide Press is offering 20% off our full back catalogue of books*, our Moon Tide mystery bag, and our Patron packages! Discount will be applied as a 20% refund once purchase has been made! The sale will be good from 11/27/20 thru 11/30/20.

And remember, poetry makes a great gift. You could choose to purchase your favorite Moon Tide author to share with a close friend or family member! You could surprise someone with a Moon Tide mystery bag (3 randomly selected Moon Tide books and a poetry prompt)! Or you can give someone a year long treat of signing them up to be a Moon Tide Patron where they get poetry sent to them throughout the year...and if you purchase the Platinum Patron package that person would receive every Moon Tide book we publish for one full calendar year!

Or, of course, you could gift any of these things for yourself, taking advantage of the 20% discount. You deserve it.

For more info on our past catalogue, check out our books here:

For more info on our Patron Packages, check it out here:

Lastly, I'll be on Facebook Live this Saturday, 11/28/20 at 4pm (Pacific Time) to share a little about our plans for 2021, the amazing authors we're slated to publish, and other holiday cheer. Please join me if you can.

*discount does not apply to pre-orders.


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