Heidi Denkers
November 2021
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Heidi imagines herself more a mad-art-poetry-scientist than Poet. She studied poetry therapy with John Fox and has an MA in Expressive Art Therapy. Sometimes words come first, and other times they come second...birthed by imagery, artwork, or dancing. She uses poetry experimentation and word play for therapy and personal growth regularly, as well as teaching it in workshops. For Heidi, poems are a core part of life's road map. She is lost without it.



I like telling you off,

Imagine my command to be 'go jump in a lake.'

I try not to giggle as I picture you swimming with fish.


I like that this isn't a game about counting,

that all the suits and lowly numbers matter the same.

I love putting the cards with their brothers,

take hope in the idea that no one is left alone.


I consider finding my own friends,

someone who will really match up with me...

not be swayed by your scepter or

Dad's kingly court full of jesters.


I imagine myself maybe a two of diamonds

perhaps a three of clubs, some small card

insignificant and beautifully plain.


I picture someone looking just for me, asking,

"do you have any... brown-eyed-sweet-hearted-Heidi's?"


I hear you telling me 'Go Fish" instead.




Godzilla stands erect.

A god of destruction who can breath water, air, and fire,

but he can never breathe easy.

To exhale a sigh of relief is to burn,

to spread Death's ashes in a wide arc.

While he can slip shape to traverse water or land,

Godzilla can never slip into something more comfortable.

His keloid scales claw their expansion across his frozen furrowed brow.

He cannot lay with you in the summer sun.

To recline against Earth with his spiked back is to impale,

to dig a deep crevasse cable only of swallowing you and he alike.

Any love he might feel is a prehistoric lizard-brained impulse.

It is drive and force compelling, impaling, and evaporating.

Godzilla will never sprout a seed or watch a child grow.

The only growth he ever knows is the limb regeneration

that keeps him forever locked in his role of destroyer.

With violence and death on repeat, Godzilla cannot hope,

he cannot dream, he cannot reach, he cannot bend,


He cannot break.