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Thursdays are for the Sleepyhead Assassins

“one look from you and my spine reincarnates as a kite string.

when i hesitate to hold your hand,

it is because our touch unlocks secrets

i’m not sure i want to know yet—

because to know is to be responsible for knowing.”

Mindy Nettifee

Over a decade of writing poetry and I had never written an actual “after” poem. Insert Sleepyhead Assassins, which left me inspired to write TWO after poems! This book was originally gifted to me because they told me my voice reminded them of Mindy’s and so I should dive into this collection. They weren’t wrong. Beneath a gloriously feminine and feminist glossy cover of an upside down woman’s face were words that most woman take years to find.

Sleepyhead Assassins is precisely the weapon of inspiration and empowerment every woman needs to have in her arsenal of self love and awareness. Mindy wrings, from pain, words that floor you with relatability you can’t help but feel the motivation to write. They are seared with just the right amount of fire to give you a taste of what women have long endured and still do. From sexuality to education to family, it’s laid out, unapologetically, for the hungry to devour.

Despite being an early Moon Tide Press release, its timeliness resonates very loudly, especially as we continue into an ongoing era of sexism and its impacts on women, womanhood, and the essence of our existence.

I look forward to soaking up more in from Mindy, but in the meantime, here are some pieces for you to delve into. And now through the end of November, you can enjoy 15% off this fiery collection on!


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