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Scott Ferry's THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE IS TO GROW now available for Pre-Order!

Moon Tide Press is proud to announce its first title of 2020, Scott Ferry's The only thing that makes sense is to grow, is now available for pre-order!

The only thing that makes sense is to grow traces the lineage of a family through the voices of its ghosts. This collection takes the grief and residue of generations, places it in moist soil, and lets it root and spread into unlikely openings of enlightenment and humor. Yet, far from being opaque, these poems remain accessible and edible as the cherry tomatoes that somehow survived this dry and bitter stretch. Life and death, decay and regeneration, childhood and blind adulthood, and language and its innate power to heal are all themes that weave through these narrative poems with a refreshing candor.

We are proud to have Scott Ferry join the Moon Tide family and to have this wonderful collection in our catalogue. Books will ship out in January, but pre-order before December 15th and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!

Click here to pre-order or follow the link below:

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