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Terri Niccum's Chapbook, DEAD LETTER BOX, Is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Moon Tide is happy to announce that our final title for 2019, Terri Niccum's stunning chapbook, Dead Letter Box, is now available for pre-order!

The poems in Dead Letter Box are not about the postal service, although a postman does appear as a character in one poem. Neither are the poems so much about death as they are about how death colors our lives. Some of the poems in the book celebrate those moments when the narrators feel the world has shifted into just the right place, when they feel most alive. Without these moments – when we feel able to grab life with our bare hands and experience those brief trills of victory – death holds no tragedy. These poems aim to provide different takes on death woven through with strands of life. And somewhere within these poems, the poet hopes the reader may find rescue.

Dead Letter Box is a wonderful collection of poems and deserves to be on your bookshelf! The book will be available in October, but if you pre-order before October 10th, you can enjoy FREE shipping!

Click HERE to pre-order or follow the link below:

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