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Happy Holidays from Moon Tide Press!

I just wanted to take a moment, share some holiday cheer with you, and reflect on how amazing 2019 was for us and share what’s ahead in 2020.

We published seven great titles this year: Lee Rossi’s Darwin’s Garden, HanaLena Fennal’s Letters to the Leader, David McIntire’s Everything I Write Is a Love Song to the World, Vince Trimboli’s The Book of Rabbits, Alexandra Umlas’s At the Table of the Unknown, Michael Miller’s Tea and Subtitles, and Terri Niccum’s Dead Letter Box!

That is the most titles Moon Tide has ever published in one year! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support I receive from each author (past and present), every patron/subscriber, my amazing editors and proofreaders, my book designer, my marketing/social media specialists, and all our readers!

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and thank the Moon Tide team individually: Dania Alkhouli, Ellen Webre, Michael Wada, José Enrique Ingles, Jim Hoggatt, and Natalie Del Toro.

This year really has been spectacular and next year is going to be even BIGGER! We have eight titles scheduled for release: Scott Ferry’s The Only Thing that Makes Sense Is to Grow, Dania Alkhouli’s Contortionist Tongue, Alan Passman’s When the Pain Starts, Robin Axworthy’s Crabgrass World, Jennifer Bradpiece’s Lullabies for End Times, Kathryn de Lancellotti’s Impossible Thirst, Lincoln McElwee’s This Place Could Be Haunted if I Didn’t Believe in Love, and Rich Ferguson’s Everything Is Radiant Between the Hates.

We will also be trying to organize a quarterly reading series and possibly a small press festival, so stay tuned.

Again, thank you to all who had a part to play in making Moon Tide feel like family; I am very lucky to get to do this work and publish great poetry! May your holiday season be filled with as much joy as I have had this past year, and may your 2020 bring you good cheer and health!


Eric Morago

Publisher, Moon Tide Press

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