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FLOWER GRAND FIRST by Gustavo Hernandez Available for Pre-Order

Moon Tide Press is excited to be releasing Gustavo Hernandez's first full-length collection of poems, Flower Grand First this coming March.

Flower Grand First, moves through the complex roads of immigration, sexuality, and loss. These poems are points plotted on maps both physical and emotional—the rural landscapes of Jalisco, the glimmering plains of memory, the busy cities of California, and the circular paths of grief. Hernandez’s stunning elegies float along a timeline spanning three decades, honoring family, recording a personal history, and revealing a vulnerable but resilient voice preoccupied with time, place, and what is left behind out of necessity.

You can pre-order Flower Grand First by clicking here or on the link below:

Pre-order today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING. The book will be released and ship in March. Don't miss out on this amazing debut collection of poems from an emerging, and necessary voice!


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