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A Special Note From Moon Tide Press and Editor-In-Chief, Eric Morago

Hello, dear friends,

I wanted to personally reach out in light of these strange, and sometimes scary, times facing us right not and let you know that Moon Tide is here for you.

I like to think of Moon Tide as a family—not just the amazing team I work with, or the fantastic authors I have the privilege of publishing, but our readers and audience as well. We will get through this as family.

In the meantime, Moon Tide has some fun things planned for the coming month, which coincidently happens to be National Poetry Month and the three-year anniversary of my announcing my taking over the Press! We will be posting a poem a day on our social media accounts from our catalogue of phenomenal titles, we’ll be offering a special discount on our books starting at 10% and increasing by 5% for each additional title you purchase, doing a fun “mystery grab bag” sale that comes with randomly inserted poetry titles, a poetry prompt, and hidden prizes, and special live-stream readings and features. Everything we’re doing is meant to help keep up spirits and get poetry in your hands, just as if everything was business as usual!

As far as our future releases go, everything is still on schedule more or less. We aren’t halting production, so long as books can still be printed, and the USPS is still in service! Things might be slightly delayed due to the impact current events are having on delivery services, but I am confident our gears won’t come to a full stop. We’ll keep you updated should anything happen.

We are still taking pre-orders for Robin Axworthy’s Crabgrass World and come April will announce pre-orders for our next release: Jennifer Bradpiece’s Lullabies for End Times.

Please feel free to reach out and let us know how you are doing and what other things we can do to help make this time of “social distancing” less defamiliarizing. We want to help, and we love you.

I am grateful for each and every one of you, and as one of my favorite college professors, Ray Lacoste, used to say: “Be kind to yourselves and each other. It’s the last revolutionary act.”

With hope,

Eric Morago

Editor-In-Chief, Moon Tide Press

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