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Spending August in Darwin's Garden

“Oh, how they failed us, our teenage skin not thick enough for the professional…”

—Lee Rossi

To put into the words the growing pains of adolescence is precisely what Lee Rossi does so eloquently in his latest collection, Darwin’s Garden, from Moon Tide Press.

This book takes you through a vivid journey through the grim realities of entering manhood—or even, the patriarchy, challenging the norms, living the south, and savoring the silver linings of the darkest times. It presents the uncomfortable in a way easier to process, which is a necessary conversation we need to have today.

Each poem leaves you with a multitude of images to create, deconstruct, and recreate once again, in a way that leaves a lasting imprint. Enjoy this rich collection at 15% off this month only. Get Darwin’s Garden now at

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