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Here comes the Impossible Thirst

Moon Tide Press is thrilled to announce that its next release is available now for pre-order, Impossible Thirst, by Kathryn de Lancellotti.

Impossible Thirst is an awakening into both the personal and historical present moment. It questions what it means to possess a body, and how we must move through an oppressive landscape. Unapologetic and raw, the poems do not flinch from uncomfortable truths about motherhood, grief, God, womanhood, and our own impermanence. Versed in an earthy yet cosmic sense of place, the poems evoke animalism and intelligence, wildness and serenity, heartache and grace.

Here's what others had to say about Impossible Thirst:

“I’m the one the mosquitoes want to drink/the sucker for love, the meat.” These raw, sensual poems floored me with their honesty and reckless brilliance. Kathryn de Lancellotti is a poet to watch. — Alexis Rhone Fancher, author of Junkie Wife & poetry editor for Cultural Weekly

Kathryn de Lancellotti writes searing, unforgettable poems with a rare fearlessness and expansive grace. Impossible Thirst considers grief, God, womanhood, and motherhood with a singular lyricism, unapologetic feminism, steeped in desire and knowing. I'm taken by the musicality every time. She writes, "Sometimes I cry to the lark, / Sometimes I beg for its wings." This is an empowering and talented visionary. These transformative poems illuminate what we need, lose, and salvage—a fierce, beautiful debut. — Lee Herrick, author of Scar and Flower

Kathryn de Lancellotti's Impossible Thirst turns an unflinching eye toward a cis woman's bleeding body, the feral pains of motherhood, and their related cycles of grief and forgiveness. This book is red with sex, rich with desire, and searing. These poems will leave you with an aching want for more. — Laura Wetherington, author of A Map Predetermined and Chance

Pre-order your copy here and enjoy FREE shipping now through May 31st!

Summer under quarantine is going to be a little easier with a copy of Impossible Thirst in hand.

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