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Lullabies for End Times is here!

While many things have remained on hold during the era of physical distancing, poetry surely has not, and Moon Tide Press is excited to announce its next release, Lullabies for End Times, by Jennifer Bradpiece is now available for pre-order.

Lullabies for End Times is a surreal lullaby to living, always in the shadow of loss. The poems weave a tapestry of abstract, personal, and political themes. They dwell as much in the immediate as the in-between. Perhaps you are drunk on love, death, and gin in an alleyway. Perhaps as you hunch in the wet dark stench you hear some beautiful and sad music echoing out the drain pipe of a jazz bar. Perhaps as you drift in and out of waking, the moment illuminates how the sacred is never far from the profane. Perhaps the notes or rhythms that find your half-drunk ears will remind you of some of these poems.

Get a head start and pre-order this exciting collection through the link below and enjoy free shipping:

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