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Thursdays, there are Embers on the Stairs

“Learning something new is the most exciting thing I know, better than sex, almost, but sex I can do without my glasses.” —Ruth Bavetta

The gradient factor of Embers on the Stairs is what struck me the most in this collection—watching it go from softer poems on life and slowly tiptoeing into heavier, even darker pieces. Ruth’s poems in this book are like petals to a very well-rooted flower, each one being plucked to reveal more nakedness of the core.

With every section, the reader feels a more intimate connection develop with the speaker, learning more vividly about the joys that do, in fact, emerge from the cracks of trauma. From stories about love, love lost, illness, death, homes, and homes away from home, Ruth illustrates the full circle of life in her poetry so delicately but powerfully still. Enjoy this rich collection at 15% off this month only. Get Embers on the Stairs now at

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