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A Likely Story on Thursday

“Anyone can be a messenger. Survival may rely on an extended hand.” —Robbi Nester

Months ago, I had the privilege of meeting Robbi at a local open mic. The beauty of a poetry community is how vast and yet how small it is. We shared the same table and she told me about her latest publication, Narrow Bridge, which I had the honor of hearing excerpts from. So when I learned she had an earlier publication with Moon Tide Press—A Likely Story, I was eager to delve into it after what I had heard.

A Likely Story left me feeling utterly speechless yet so full of emotions, especially the way it encapsulates poetry that is still so hauntingly applicable now. Whether it’s poetry about the lingering aftermath of September 11th or the painstaking reality of violence children have to face in schools, Robbi Nester brings to the frontline truths our societies must still tackle head on.

Each poem, though hard hitting, has such a soft approach to its unfolding. Robbi masterfully pieces together her words so carefully that the reader is inspired to take their time and lavish line by line. Some of my favorite standout poems include “After a Testimony by Usman Farman,” “Child with a Hand Grenade,” and “The Offering.” Each of these pieces tugged at me and felt so timeless in their application today. A Likely Story is on sale this month for 15% off at Be sure to get your discounted copy before the end of August!

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