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Thursdays are for Angels in Seven

“...they will say grace for what is second-rate— thanks, like secrets, the art of leaving the right parts unsaid.” — Michael Miller

It’s a very strange coincidence that I read this book on a Tuesday, considering how often the mentions of “Tuesdays” is throughout this perfectly ethereal book.

Angels in Seven is a very unique collection of poetry that I almost cannot quite pinpoint. It elicits this haze-laced longing deep in the soul. It breathes in life to places that once lived and creates pictures that used to be blurry but are now coming back into focus.

If you’re not a baseball fan (er, like this writer over here, please don’t judge me!), don’t let the cover fool you. The seasoning of baseball flows so seamlessly in between the threads of the poetry, it makes it exactly what is meant to be. Just check out the samples posted here.

This month only, enjoy 15% off Michael Miller’s book, Angels in Seven, at Fun fact, Miller also happens to the founder and previous Editor of Moon Tide Press and is our July Poet of the Month! Read his feature here:

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