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Thursday with The Moon, My Lover, My Mother & The Dog

“It’s beginning to happen to poets I’ve known for years. We grow old and we start shrinking, malignant…”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would an entire photo album be worth? The answer is Daniel McGinn’s book, The Moon, My Lover, My Mother & The Dog. This collection is a literal manifestation of throwback, the way it takes the reader down the most vivid memory lane possible. Every turn of the page is a sentimental snapshot into such an intimate story—all different pieces of the puzzle falling into place, revealing the bigger picture, and eliciting a sense of home and longing. You genuinely feel like you’re sitting right beside McGinn, savoring a perfect cup of tea, listening to him tell you the story behind every picture from his past. And just like viewing an album of memories, sepia tinged but oh so treasured, you stumble upon familiar faces you saw in pages before. This is apparent in the repetition of the themed poems The Passenger, which were such powerful poetic stories of father-child relationships. Also, while I come across so many beautiful poems that make me pause or cry, McGinn’s book left me feeling so full and inspired to write. His poems Now That I’m Sixty and The Chair hit me deep and gave me lines that I am so eager to write “after” poems for. The Moon, My Lover, My Mother & The Dog is a book I highly suggest for those who love the nostalgic touches in poetry, those who have experienced gains and loss, and those who appreciate a timeless appeal in writing. Personally, I really enjoyed nestling in this particular poetry book and am looking forward to experiencing more of McGinn’s work. Get your copy at and stay tuned for next week’s #tbtSeries!

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