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David McIntire's EVERYTHING I WRITE IS A LOVE SONG TO THE WORLD Now Available from Moon Tide Pre

Moon Tide Press is pleased to announce the release of David McIntire's Everything I Write Is a Love Song to the World. Don't be fooled by the cover! This is not a book of angry poems, rather a book that walks a path of love with the reader and guides its reader through all its twists and turns.

Everything I Write Is a Love Song to the World is composed mostly of attempts to understand the healing properties and redemptive potential of new love. It is an exploration of these possibilities coming in the wake of years of trauma and self-denial.

Check out what others are saying about it:

Just when I thought all love poems were saccharine clichés, along came David McIntire's Everything I Write Is a Love Song to the World. He captures the power of love when it takes over not just your heart, but your entire body and being. Then he is brutally honest about the absence it leaves when it is taken away. He makes you feel the ache of love, both good and bad.

— G. Murray Thomas, author of My Kidney Just Arrived

Everything I Write... by David McIntire is a beautiful, punk rock coming of age and unapologetic celebration of shadow and light. A drunk dance of past love, lost love, undying love, and at land's end, a meditation on love still possible. Ultimately this book is a journey into, what might be the most difficult of all, love of self; an open letter, a reckoning riding that wounded river from which all things must flow. This book is the inside out of a man, a poet emerging from his shadow, heart in hand, unafraid to proclaim allegiance to his light.

— S.A. Griffin, author Dreams Gone Mad With Hope

You can order your copy by clicking HERE or on the link below:

If you order before June 1st, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Don't miss out!

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