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Peggy Dobreer's DROP AND DAZZLE Book Launch is NOT to Miss!

Please join us on Saturday, June 2nd at 2 pm in celebrating Peggy Dobreer’s new book Drop and Dazzle at Red Hen Press’s new Gallery and Performance space, located at 1540 Lincoln Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103.

Come hear Peggy read from her new book! Also reading are Nicelle Davis, Mandy Kahn, Brendan Constantine, and host, Eric Morago.

Music provided by Matthew Mars and the legendary Don Preston.

Refreshments will be served. Moontide Press's newest publication Drop and Dazzle has been described as a tennis match played with snow globes or a game of poker dealt with tarot cards. There are only winners, and with every win comes a loss. It’s all in how you spin the tail on the last man skirting the shore, or the first woman to float face up. The book convenes a conspiracy of hearts; a colony of voices that cannot seem to make up their minds. Swayed by superstition, the vicissitudes of longing, and the need to find a way home, these characters call out and question love with all its obvious juxtapositions: history, family, politics, gender, superstition, promise, and loss. They are relentless in their desire to find meaning. Peggy Dobreer’s language is precise and surprising. She knits syntax together like others knit rainbow baby booties on miniature needles. Following threads of assonance and alliteration, rhythms and story, she varies poetic styles throughout the book and creates a lyrical world that is part jazz, part classics, part pedestrian interference, and all parts love.

We hope to see you there!

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