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Mindy Nettifee is Coming to L.A. on a Book Tour and Moon Tide is Beaming.

Mindy Nettifee's Sleepyhead Assassins was one of Moon Tide Press's first titles, and coincidently one of the first poetry collections I ever bought and devoured. When I took over Moon Tide last year, I was so incredibly grateful to inherit a catalogue of so many poets whose work I admire, Mindy certainly being one of them. With that said, we at Moon Tide don't only like to promote our own stuff, but the incredibly new work our past authors are putting out as well!

Mindy's brand-spanking new collection of poems, Open Your Mouth Like a Bell, is out now from Write Bloody Publishing! It is SO good. But, you know what's better than reading her you?


Hearing her read it, of course!

And those of us in the Los Angeles area are lucky enough to have her book-touring through our city this month! I highly recommend you try to catch one of her upcoming dates:

If you're unfamiliar with Mindy's first collection, Sleepyhead Assassins, Moon Tide personally has copies available.

You can order them directly from us HERE. It will also be back in print up on Amazon takes a little time for those internet hamsters to do their work...

But if anything, be sure to buy her new book NOW. Here's a link to Open Your Mouth Like a Bell on Amazon. Go there. Buy it. Love it.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpsrc=srch

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