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Call for Submissions for New Anthology

Moon Tide Press will be publishing a new anthology featuring 12-16 Southern California based poets, but we need to find them first! Therefore we're opening a massive call for submissions! We need your poems! Send us your poems and you might just be one of the lucky 12-16!

Here are the guidelines:

- Anthology submissions are open to any SoCal based poet (from San Diego to Santa Barbara) who has not been previously published by Moon Tide Press (this includes past anthologies, but not Poet of the Month features on the old website). We are looking to showcase new voices!

- You can send up to 10 poems. We are looking to select 4-6 per poet. Poems should be sent as an attached word document via email to: Please write ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION in the subject line. You may also mail your poems to: Moon Tide Press #166 6745 Washington Ave. Whittier, CA 90601.

- We would prefer previously unpublished work; however, we will consider poems that have appeared in magazines and/or journals. We will not accept poems that have been published either in chapbooks, full-length collections, or other anthologies. If your poem(s) have appeared in a magazine or journal, you must let us know when you submit them to us. Please and thank you.

- The deadline to submit is June 5th. We are aiming for an end of summer/beginning of fall release.

- There is no theme. We're just looking to showcase poets who get our geese bumping. We thought what better way to get Moon Tide Press back on the map, than to kick things of with an anthology that demonstrates the diverse and daring voices we're looking to publish moving forward. We hope it's you, but we won't know unless you send us your what are you waiting for?

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