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July's A Wild Region

"I know my fears — I’ve named them, counted them out one by one like tarot cards, voodoo dolls: birth, death, poverty, obscurity, that you will leave me, or I will leave you."

Kate Buckley, “Harlan County”

What a year we've been woven thus far, Moon Tiders, but what a blessing it is for us to still be able to find refuge, relief, and resources through poetry. As we start to adjust into a new routine, we're nestling back to our monthly throwback series.

This month, we're throwing it back to a colorful classic by Kate Buckley, A Wild Region. What makes this collection unique is its inclusion of poems and paintings by Kate, a gorgeous fusion of powerful images alongside just as powerful words.

A Wild Region, in one word, is summer. The amalgamation of a heavy thick day with the perfection of a cooling breeze just as the sun sets. It is the swing on the porch of a summer house, taking you back between nostalgia and forward into a hopeful tomorrow. It touches on the emotions of loss, love, memory, and identity in an eloquent and classy book.

Take a look at these excerpts or enjoy your own copy now and order it at A Wild Region is available for only $15!

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