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CRABGRASS WORLD Now Available for Pre-Order

While the world around us is changing, we're still holding with the love and talents of our authors and fans, so thank you Moon Tide family. On that note, we'd like to introduce you to our upcoming Spring release, Crabgrass World, by author, Robin Axworthy.

The poems in Crabgrass World paint vibrant portraits of family and self-discovery all while orchestrating language into a symphony of gut-pull and heart-song. Robin Axworthy shows such a mastery of narrative and sound she makes it look easy. That poetry is breath and she is simply inhaling and exhaling. But make no mistake—these are poems that have lived in her bones for years. She has carried and cared for them and now has released them onto us, the reader, to house in our own bodies—to build ourselves into something better with.

Crabgrass World is available now for pre-order here: Support our small business and our incredible authors, and stay tuned for our exciting promotions next month for National Poetry Month.

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