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Here at Moon Tide Press, we, like many other community art spaces, understand the gravity of all the precautionary measures being taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Though we want to ensure the physical safety of our artists and our communities, we also want to ensure that our artists still receive access to the resources available, especially in these uncertain times.

We have been seeing a remarkable amount of posts, documents, and links about available resources out there for freelance artists and poets, and we'd like to compile them here on one page for easy access.

We encourage you all to support your artist community and check out these resources, events, and projects below, and of course, stay safe!

Thank you.

Freelance Resource Guide

Pear Shaped Press - Virtual Exposure Project

Email a Word Document to of 250-500 words about who you are, the work you do, who it serves, and why it matters (because it does)! Include info on how folks can support you in this time, whether through book sales, patreon, future bookings and gigs, etc. Include links and contact info to connect and network. Please also include an image to go along with this written post.

The Social Distancing Festival

Americans 4 the Arts: COVID-19 Resource & Response Center

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