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Thursday I'll swim In the Lake of Your Bones

“A voice sings itself quiet, murders perfect syllables.” Peggy Dobreer

How do you encapsulate a woman with so many enticing layers? You read In the Lake of Your Bones by Peggy Dobreer.

Throughout this book, there was a woman holding my hand, taking me on colorful journeys. Riding flashbacks like airplanes, seeing street corners and alleyways of where all the wild, all the beautiful, all the painful, and all the growing things happened.

There’s an almost ethereal touch to this collection and it keeps you intrigued, and it picks up so much more boldly in the second section, as the speaker’s fierceness comes to life. Something about her voice resonated with me, the courageous side of me that took years to find her voice. It’s like a dance between the past and the future, and all the experimentation it creates.

In the Lake of Your Bones is available for $15 at and it’s on

e of those timeless classics you want to add to your collection.

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