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Singing a Lullaby of Teeth on Thursday

“...this is how we live when no one’s watching.” —Lincoln McElwee

It was pretty cool to finally read the very first anthology Moon Tide Press released following Eric Morago’s leadership, Lullaby of Teeth. For starters, that title, damn! Taken from Bill Cushing’s poem, Alpha Dreams, is such a riveting encapsulation of the poetry in this collection—dark but jovial in its portrayal of human life. So in simpler terms, a very realistic approach to how life is digested across the spectrum of diversity.

Anthologies are an excellent approach of diving into poetry, especially for first timers to this world, and this particular book is a spectacular starting point. Even I myself, a self-proclaimed poet of over 15 years, came across new names that stunned me with the power of their words. To be able to knead words so deeply and mold a story that stirs hearts is exactly what these poets have done.

Whether it’s Boris Ingles taking you into his mother’s kitchen or Alexis Rhone Fancher transforming your heart into that of a grieving of mom, you will turn each page having walked in the shoes of someone else who reminds you that at the end of the day, our humaneness is real, is uniting, is ugly, is beautiful, is what we live through.

Lullaby of Teeth will be on sale for 15% off this month of February. Need a Valentine’s Gift for the literary lover in your life? This is going to be a sure hit. Plus, that cover is a perfect fusion of dark romance…or at least red enough to fit the theme. Get it at

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