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Carving in Bone on Thursday

But I would call a skeleton by your name if it could curl around me so convincingly. — Chelsea Kurnick

To read a poem dedicated to a brownie, in Ramadan, is unbearably beautiful, and so worth it, especially when its poetry by a local legend, in a book highlighting the magnificence of SoCal talent. Honestly it wasn’t just Ode to a Brownie, by Steve Ramirez, that I was drooling over, it was the entire Carving in Bone Anthology. What a sense of pride it is to hold in my hands phenomenal poetry by poets from my very own Southern California world. Y’all, we’ve got some spectacular writers out here and it’s utterly evident in this collection! Carving in Bone is a deliciously addictive and entertaining piece of art that literally leaves its mark in you (no pun intended). What I love most about this anthology is the way that every genre possible can be found, from erotica to comedy to drama to nostalgia, and watching them come together so perfectly. Every poet, whether just starting out or a seasoned writer, crafted something to move the readers. From the ache of a lost lover to the joys of reminiscing over the first time with a brownie, everyone will find more than one piece that resonates. If you’re a SoCal poet, this is an anthology you must add to your collection. Get it at now and excuse me while I go celebrate the end of Ramadan with a fudge brownie. Talk to you next week!

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