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Poetry, Art, and Music Connect this Thursday at The Ruth B. Shannon Center for Performing Arts Thurs

Moon Tide Press is proud to have a handful of its poets featured in this dynamic show. "Bridges" is a multi-media exhibit providing an opportunity to experience the vision of 13 artists, 13 poets, and 13 composers exploring connections. See the art, read the poetry, and hear the music.

The exhibit is on display in the lobby gallery of the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts in Whittier until May 25th...

...BUT there will be a FREE special one-time performance this Thursday, March 29th at 7PM with a reception to follow.

The theatre is located at: 6760 Painter Ave. Whittier CA, 90601

Chapbooks featuring the art, poetry, and music will be available at the show for a small donation.

Poets featured in the show are: Robin Axworthy, Brendan Constantine, Nicelle Davis, Peggy Dobreer, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Daniel McGinn, Eric Morago, Steve Ramirez, Luivette Resto, G. Murray Thomas, Bryn Wickerd, Nancy Lynee Woo, and Mariano Zaro.

Moon Tide will also have a table set up selling books.

Don't miss this exciting show!

For more information, click HERE.

Check out the video below featuring the producers of the show: Shane W. Cadman, Jeanette Kelly, and Eric Morago:

We hope to see you there!

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