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Lullaby of Teeth: An Anthology of Southern California Poets Coming Soon!

Photo Credit: Boris Ingles

Moon Tide Press is in the midst of editing its forthcoming anthology, and rereading through the manuscript, I’m just too excited not to share its title or the amazing poets whose work we are featuring in it.

Without further ado, I give you the 18 poets you will find in Lullaby of Teeth: An Anthology of Southern California Poets:

Alexis Rhone Fancher

Armine Iknadossian

Bill Cushing

Boris Ingles

Charles Harper Webb

LeAnne Hunt

Lincoln McElwee

Linda Delmont

Luivette Resto

Michael Cantin

Michael Mark

Mike Gravagno

Nancy Lynee Woo

Robin Axworthy

Ron Koertge

Sonia Greenfield

Victoria Lynne McCoy

Zachary Locklin

Some of these names might be familiar to you, while others are not. But they all have something magical in common. Their work in this collection is rich, moving, funny, haunting, daring, and above all else, necessary. These Southern California poets have gifts to share with the reader; I hope you’re as eager to receive them as I am to bring them to you. I feel like Santa Claus.

The collection is entitled Lullaby of Teeth, after a line from one of Bill Cushing’s poems in it. The moment I read those words, it was a perfect fit. The surprise and beauty of that line is exactly what I believe makes great poetry—a marriage of the hard and soft of this world. I love how a word and its implications like “lullaby” juxtaposes with the sharp sound and connotations of “teeth.” The poems in this anthology certainly have bite, but they’ll sing to you as well.

We’re a few months out from the anthology’s release; we’re shooting for an October launch. But, if you’d like to pre-order/reserve a copy of it and receive other perks, consider becoming a subscriber or patron to the Press. All info can be found here:

Before I go, I just want to thank EVERYONE who submitted work for the anthology. I was floored with the number and quality of submissions I received. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to select the right work for this collection. Please, keep making my job difficult by sending me awesome poems, so I can promise our readers a vibrant future.

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