March 19, 2020

February 10, 2020

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To Celebrate National Poetry Month Moon Tide Presents Its First Ever MYSTERY GRAB BAG!

April 1, 2020

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The Season of Dark Ink

October 2, 2019

“As a Black man,
I was born going bump in the night.
Never cast as a friendly ghost,
but rather an unholy spirit”

—Derek D. Brown

Happy October (a.k.a. Halloween season)! Who else is as excited as I am about it? My costume is pressed and ready to go. To celebrate this month, we have a very special throwback feature—Dark Ink: A Poetry Anthology Inspired by Horror.

An anthology inspired by horror? Honestly, I had plenty of presumptions about Dark Ink when it landed on my desk. Would I like it? Would it be relatable? Is it going to be overreaching? I mean how often is horror perfectly poetic without being cheesy? I have high standards when it comes to the horror genre. As an unbeliever in ghosts and demons and such, I find I am more thrilled by films that are satiated with fact over fiction. Horror that mirrors real life. Something that could actually happen. So when I cracked open this collection, I was pleasantly horrified…err…surprised.

Dark Ink is a cauldron of perfection—the right balance of fact with fiction. Even the poetry about zombies, vampires, and aliens, they each linger on your mind for long after you’ve finished reading. In between their lines they carry such riveting powerful truths and metaphors to everyday life. Whether it is grief, illness, aging, loss, loneliness, this book encapsulates them all in remarkable poetic form.