March 19, 2020

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Moon Tide Publisher Eric Morago Features at Beatnik Cafe Poetry Night on Zoom this Sunday, July 26th at 7 PM

July 24, 2020

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Moon Tide's First Release of 2019 is Lee Rossi's DARWIN'S GARDEN. Pre-Order NOW and enjoy FREE SHIPPING

January 2, 2019

Moon Tide Press is proud to announce our first title for 2019, which will also be out this month! We are so grateful to be publishing Lee Rossi's latest collection of poems, Darwin's Garden, and look forward to it finding its way into your hands! 


You can pre-order the book now.  And as always, if you pre-order, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING.


To order click HERE


Here's a little more info on Darwin's Garden...and, if you want to read a couple of poems from the book, be sure to check out our Poet of the Month feature, which showcases Lee this month.


In Darwin’s Garden poet and critic Lee Rossi returns to the original garden, childhood, in search of clues to his long, strange life. Part paleontologist, part historian, he seeks to uncover the physical and cultural artifacts left behind in the long climb to adulthood. Is it religion, is it science, is it myth which best describes the arc of a life? He tries them all, and finds only himself wanting.


Much as Darwin walked his ‘thinking path’ in his garden at Down House in Kent, Lee Rossi teases out the hidden structures of experience in this remarkable work on childhood, bearing the freight of ancestors, masculine codes, sex, religion, and the not-so-tender mercies of nuns, and parents.  Not a journey, really, but a meander through complex configurations of relationship and dissolution, a rueful contemplation, a gutsy truth-telling.  These poems are sharply observed and nuanced, both stinging and wise.  Do not miss anything under the section entitled ‘A Lucky Stiff.’ 


— Marsha de la O, author of Antidote for Night


Lee Rossi’s brilliant poetry takes us on a journey from his puzzled Midwest childhood to an ever-searching maturity, his lyr