March 19, 2020

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Moon Tide Publisher Eric Morago Features at Beatnik Cafe Poetry Night on Zoom this Sunday, July 26th at 7 PM

July 24, 2020

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Send Us Your Poems Inspired by Horror Films & TV, Literature, Folktales, & Mythology!

May 24, 2018

We've been getting some awesome poems for our upcoming anthology which will feature poems in response to/inspired by the horror genre. BUT WE WANT MORE!


What is it we're exactly looking for? Check out this fun little poem by Ron Koertge about the Abominable Snowman to get an idea.


The Abominable Snowman


Up here on the forehead of the world, it’s always

cold.  On the other hand, there’s very little crime.


My wife and I live in a cave way above the snow

line.  It’s a simple life with no distractions to


speak of.  There’s lots of foraging.  Otherwise

we practice nonchalance.  For fun, we leave


footprints and sometimes intriguing scat

a cameraman has to take a close-up of.


There’s always a cameraman, part of a team:

one in a Nessie baseball hat and this time


ardent Nora who wants to be the first woman

to photograph us.  She thinks the men have


gone about it all wrong and her notes, pinned